12 Pack of Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach (0.4 pounds)

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SS01 Stain Solver 12 pack


12 Pack of Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach

(0.4 pounds bottles)


Certified Organic

Made in the USA with USA ingredients




This pack includes 12 of the SS01 Stain Solver Sample Size Bottles. This small container contains just under one-half pound of super-concentrated Stain Solver cleaner.

It's enough product to make two gallons of cleaning solution for common interior projects or one gallon for heavy-duty outdoor cleaning.

Just empty entire container in a bucket and add needed warm water.





clean-bird-feeders-side-by-side-400w.jpgCleaning bird feeders is quick and easy with Stain Solver.

It's the perfect size to sample Stain Solver. It's also perfect for:

  • travel-size cleaner
  • gifts to friends, relatives, co-workers
  • one-time-use cleaning jobs
  • camping
  • college dorm rooms
  • office spills - fits easily in a desk drawer
  • workshop cleaner

Certified Organic - Made in the USA with USA ingredients us-flag.jpg


SAFE to use on:

  • Decks - composite, treated lumber, vinyl docks, etc.
  • Patios - bluestone, flagstone, concrete pavers, brick, concrete, stamped concrete
  • Roofs - algae-coated asphalt shingles or any other roofing
  • Siding - vinyl, pine, oak, cedar, fiber cement, aluminum
  • Tile grout - Floor tile, wall tile 
  • Carpet - stains of any type, pre-treat before shampoo
  • Upholstery clean up - watch video below
  • Pet stains & odors - vomit, urine, male spray, feces, dead mice
  • Camping equipment - SAFE on all
  • Boats / Kayaks / Canoes / Dinghies
  • General purpose cleaning - If you can wash it with water, it's SAFE to use Stain Solver


AVOID using on:

  • Natural wool - (will turn white wool yellow)
  • Silk - (will discolor silk fibers)
  • Redwood decking and redwood siding - use oxalic acid to clean redwood
  • Aluminum cookware - (will oxidize and turn it black)
  • Sterling silver - (will oxidize and turn it black)


This size is shipped via US Postal Service. Stain Solver can only be shipped by ground, regulations prohibit Stain Solver from being shipped via air. Shipments to the lower 48 States are subject to FREE SHIPPING. Shipments to Canada are available as UPS Ground shipments. However these shipments are not part of the FREE SHIPPING program. Rates to Canadian destinations are based on UPS Ground shipments to those areas.