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Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach

(9.2 pounds)


Certified Organic

Made in the USA with USA ingredients






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clean-bird-feeders-side-by-side-400w.jpgCleaning bird feeders is quick and easy with Stain Solver.


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What Size Do I Need?

  0.4 lbs 2.2 lbs 4.5 lbs 9.2 lbs 18.2 lbs 45 lbs
floor tile grout (1) 400 sq ft 2,200 sq ft 4,500 sq ft 9,200 sq ft 18,000 sq ft 45,000 sq ft
wall tile grout 100 sq ft 550 sq ft 1,125 sq ft 2,300 sq ft 4,500 sq ft 11,250 sq ft
wood decking & siding 100 sq ft 400 sq ft 800 sq ft 1,600 sq ft 3,200 sq ft 8,010 sq ft
patios & roofs 100 sq ft 400 sq ft 800 sq ft 1,600 sq ft 3,200 sq ft 8,010 sq ft
pre-soak tough stains (2) 3 t-shirts 16 t-shirts 32 t-shirts 64 t-shirts 125 t-shirts 312 t-shirts
carpet stains (3) 16 spots 80 spots 165 spots 350 spots 720 spots 1,800 spots
linen/furniture stains (4) 32 spots 169 spots 330 spots 700 spots 1,440 spots 3,600 spots
laundry booster (5) 2 loads 8 loads 18 loads 36 loads 72 loads 180 loads
(1) Stain Solver solution applied primarily to grout joints only and not wasted on top surface of tile. Quantity based on 8 x 8 tiles with 1/4-inch grout joint.
(2) Based on soaking each shirt individual, in a gallon of water.
(3) Carpet stain is defined as a 1 square foot area of carpet that has to be spot cleaned.
(4) A linen or furniture stain is defined as a 0.5 square foot area that has to be spot cleaned.
(5) We don't recommend using Stain Solver in every load of laundry. It's ULTRA CONCENTRATED. Only use it in every fifth load of laundry or when clothing appears to start to look dingy.

What are the Ingredients?

Stain Solver only has two ingredients. Sodium percarbonate, a solid form of hydrogen peroxide, and soda ash, which is derived from the naturally occurring mineral trona.

How Do You Use Stain Solver?

There are three ways to apply Stain Solver: vertically, horizontally or soaking.

For the vertical application, pour the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray it on your walls. Keep walls wet with the solution for up to 30 minutes before you begin to scrub.

For the horizontal application, mix Stain Solver per the directions on the label. Then pour Stain Solver over the item to be cleaned. You want to saturate the object. For floor tile grout, be sure that the solution ponds on top of the grout. Add more solution if it soaks into the grout.

For the soaking application, mix Stain Solver per the directions on the label. Make sure the bucket or bowl you use is big enough to hold your item. Then completely submerge your item in the Stain Solver.

For all applications, make sure your item is completely dry before applying Stain Solver. If your item is wet, it won't be able to soak up the Stain Solver as well because it will already be saturated with water. Let the Stain Solver sit on your item for up to six hours to get maximum cleaning benefit. If your stain is still there, use a scrub brush or toothbrush and gently scrub.

Shipping Info?

Where We Ship: We can only ship Stain Solver via UPS Ground. Currently we can ship to the lower 48 U.S. States and Canada. Update - the new 0.4-pounder can be shipped via USPS to any USA address.

When We Ship: If your order is in-stock, it will ship the next business day. Shipments are not made on weekends or major U.S. holidays. If your order is on backorder, it will be shipped as soon as it is back in stock.

Length of Shipment: We ship from the upper midwest via UPS ground. Depending on your location, transit time can be one to five business days. To calculate your shipping time, visit http://www.ups.com/maps and enter 60455 for the zip code.

Expedited Shipments: Sadly, we cannot expedite any shipments. Due to Federal regulations we cannot ship Stain Solver on an airplane. The fastest shipping method we can use is UPS ground.

Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are calculated during checkout by the shopping cart based on the weight of your order and your zip code. They are the costs charged by UPS. Shipments outside the U.S. could be charged additional fees, such as local taxes, tarrifs and brokerage fees, which are added by some carriers. The additional taxes, tariffs and fees are not calculated in our shipping charges. Contact your local customs department to determine if there will be additional charges for your shipment before placing your order.

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Stain Solver cleans almost anything you can wash with water